• High Point U Toccatatones

    The Toccatatones from High Point University began their time with us by sharing their significant origin story and how their name came about, then discussed the key roles of energy and positivity within the group. Also, after a year of significant turnover in the group, they discussed the kinds of building and growth in store this year. Plus, they sang for us!

  • Dobyns-Bennett HS Duly Noted

    Duly Noted is one of multiple groups from Dobyns-Bennett High School in Kingsport, Tennessee. While together, we dive into how they approach choreo (with the help of FaceTime), how they manage the stress of competition, and much more. They also share some of their current songs with us!

  • RockapellaRockapella


    It was a delight to spend some time with the guys of Rockapella in the mobile studio. We talk about how they got started, the highlights along the way, and how the group is continuing to thrive these days as well. The group was generous enough to sing us some songs as well.

  • Special EditionSpecial Edition

    N Olmsted HS Special Edition

    Special Edition comes to us from North Olmsted High School just outside Cleveland, Ohio. While together, we learn about the backstory of the group, the pros and cons of a smaller a cappella group, and why they shy away from competition in favor of festivals. We also hear them perform some of their current music for us.

  • Room 100Room 100

    Peters Township HS Room 100

    Room 100 is one of several impressive ensembles at Peters Township High School, and in this episode, we talk about the whole scene and where Room 100 fits in. While in the mobile studio, they also sang some of their current repertoire.

  • Madison AvenueMadison Avenue

    James Madison HS Madison Avenue

    While at a festival in Texas, we sat down with Madison Avenue, a group from James Madison High School in San Antonio. We talk about the role of competition in the group, making friends in a cappella, and creating "little gem" moments in performance. Plus, they sang for us in the mobile studio! Recorded in 2019.


    U Tennessee/Knoxville VOLT

    As the last of the founders of the group have begun to leave, we talk with VOLT about how to keep the best of those traditions alive while deciding which others need to change. VOLT talks about preparing for competitions vs. festivals, and how they're using the power of theme this year in building their rep. Plus, they sing some of their current music! Recorded at SoJam 2019.

  • Duke PitchforcksDuke Pitchforcks

    Duke U Pitchforks

    Recently, the Pitchforks celebrated their 40th anniversary as a group, so we took the opportunity to talk about grappling with the legacy of a long-time successful group - and dish about how the alumni sounded four decades later. We learned about their regular Hamptons show, and heard them sing their current rep!

  • Walk-OnsWalk-Ons

    U/North Carolina Walk-Ons

    While in North Carolina, we sat down with the UNC Walk-Ons about their evolution as a group, both musically and in terms of process. They sounded great as they sang some tunes live for us, and we had some laughs as they shared some stories.

  • GestaltGestalt

    U/Florida Gestalt

    Gestalt made a big splash when they were founded in 2016 - and haven't looked back since. In this episode, we bring Gestalt into the mobile studio to talk about how they're charting their path today, sing some of their current repertoire, and look ahead. Recorded in November 2019.