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  • Northeastern Distilled Harmony

    Northeastern U Distilled Harmony

    In late January of 2020, we sat down with Distilled Harmony to talk about how they balance the group between pressures of competition and the desire to have fun and be chill once in a while, how they experienced the recording process when creating their latest album, and more - and they sang for us live in the mobile studio!

  • Argyle HS Remedy

    Argyle HS Remedy

    Argyle High School's Remedy has only been around a few years, but is already sounding strong. They've been dramatically increasing their rehearsal time and productivity - and thus, their quality - since they got started. We brought them into the mobile studio to sing for us, and to talk about the secrets to their group's rapid evolution.

  • Bostonality

    It was a fun time when we brought Bostonality into the mobile studio! We explored the role of creepiness in the group (they're not creepy - I promise!), discussed how to be serious about the music but not ourselves, and talked about when it's time to record. Along the way, they sang some great live tunes!

  • Charlestown HS Scaliwags

    We brought the Scaliwags from Indiana's Charlestown High School into the mobile studio to hear more about their story and their music. We talked about the importance of bowling in their group development, and the value of growing a reputation in recruiting new members. They also sang some of their songs for us live!

  • The Eight Tracks

    In a 2020 visit to Boston, we were so happy to bring The Eight Tracks back into the studio for another session. With almost 100% turnover since we talked to them last, that was a big focus of conversation, along with their Harmony Sweepstakes experience (and what they might do differently next time). Plus, might there be more recording ahead from the group? Tune in and hear about it! (They also sounded great on some live tunes...)

  • U of Texas San Antonio Overly Chromatic

    While at the 2019 SING! Texas festival, we invited Overly Chromatic from the University of Texas San Antonio into the mobile studio. We wanted to find out about how the early years of the group are going, what it's like to start the first a cappella group on campus, and how they're raising their profile on campus and beyond. While together, we heard them sing some of their current rep for us as well!

  • U of Massachusetts Doo Wop Shop

    The seven members of UMass group Doo Wop Shop put out a sound and blend that's impressive. While together, they shared that with us, singing several live tunes. We also sat down and talked about recording, and what kinds of recording products make sense these days - and they shared just how far they've come from their humble beginnings! Recorded in 2020.

  • Cheyenne Mountain HS Crimson & Slate (2019)

    We always enjoy spending time with the members of Crimson and Slate. It has been a little bit since we'd seen them, so we had lots to catch up on, including performing in Hawaii, the role (or not) of competitions vs. festivals, and more - plus, they sounded great singing some tunes for us live! Recorded in 2019.

  • High Point U Toccatatones

    The Toccatatones from High Point University began their time with us by sharing their significant origin story and how their name came about, then discussed the key roles of energy and positivity within the group. Also, after a year of significant turnover in the group, they discussed the kinds of building and growth in store this year. Plus, they sang for us!

  • Dobyns-Bennett HS Duly Noted

    Duly Noted is one of multiple groups from Dobyns-Bennett High School in Kingsport, Tennessee. While together, we dive into how they approach choreo (with the help of FaceTime), how they manage the stress of competition, and much more. They also share some of their current songs with us!