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  • Headband

    Willamette U Headband

    While at the Annual Northwest A Cappella Festival, we spent an hour with Willamette University's Headband. In our interview, they talked about charting a new course for the group and re-entering the competitive a cappella world. They also sang some tunes in our mobile studio - and revealed which collegiate group is their role model!

  • Final Melody

    Final Melody

    Final Melody, a post-collegiate group from the Chicago area, spent time with Rachael late in 2018, talking about their experiences with America's Got Talent, the Harmony Sweepstakes, and growing a group after college. They also share some tunes. (Note that there were some audio issues with the recording of this session; we cleaned them up a bit, but you'll still notice. We apologize!)

  • Blue Light Special

    Linn-Benton Comm Coll Blue Light Special

    Blue Light Special is one of fairly few community/junior college a cappella groups in the US. In this session of #TheSpotlight, we talk with them about developing their reputation across the region, setting up new structures and policies, and growing a group on a community college campus. Plus, they sing some tunes!

  • Mind The Gap

    Univ/Oregon Mind The Gap (2019)

    Recently as a part of the Annual Northwest A Cappella Festival (ANWAF), we sat down once again with the University of Oregon Mind The Gap. It had been a few years, and we caught up about their new membership and sound, what they've got planned for the year ahead, and a failed bake sale. Plus, they sing several tunes in our mobile studio!

  • The Thursdays

    Chelmsford HS The Thursdays (2019)

    After an amazing night of high school a cappella, The Thursdays placed third at the ICHSA finals this year. The next day, they say down with us, singing their set in our mobile studio, talking about their journey this year, and how this year's experience was different than those in the past.

  • HOWL A Cappella

    HOWL A Cappella (2019)

    We had a great time talking with HOWL and hearing their new rep. We discussed how their experiences with HOWL evolved as they grew their families, and they revealed an exciting new direction for the group!

  • Oak Creek HS Knight Club

    While we were in New York for the 2019 ICCA and ICHSA finals, we spent time with Oak Creek HS Knight Club out of Wisconsin. They sang their set, and talked about the role of competition over the last several years, how they've evolved, and what's ahead.

  • The Real Group

    The Real Group

    Our mobile studio goes to some odd places - hotel rooms, meeting rooms, classrooms - and, in this case, a very small dressing room. Fortunately, consummate professionals The Real Group took it in stride, and talked with us about their work over the decades. Interspersed are some of the songs from their live performance the night before at BOSS 2019.

  • InToneNation

    New Manchester HS InToneNation

    In this episode, we talk with New Manchester HS InToneNation about their road back to the ICHSA finals, how they experience festivals and competitions differently, and what they take away from this year's experience. Plus, hear their ICHSA national-award-winning set, performed in our mobile studio!

  • BU Allegrettos

    BU Allegrettos

    The Allegrettos have gone through some transitions over the last few years, and talk with us about where they've been and where they're going. We discuss the role of recording and their efforts to get a new project out the door. And they sing some tunes for us!