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  • Impromptu


    Impromptu talks with us about the transition from collegiate to post-collegiate a cappella, and charting a course for a new group - in terms of goal-setting, rep choices, and more. Plus, they sing for us in our mobile studio.

  • No Southern Accent

    Univ/FL No Southern Accent

    In Boston in April 2019, we spent time with the members of University of Florida's No Southern Accent on the heels of their great BOSS competition performance. Hear their tunes as well as what they've been up to recently!

  • UCF Mixed Mode

    Univ/Central FL Mixed Mode

    It had been a couple of years since we last talked with Mixed Mode, so it was a great chance to sit down with them again to talk about how the group has evolved and their music has changed. They also sang several songs for us live!

  • Bay Area’s RISE

    At WeSing 2019, we sat down with members of a group recently formed in Oakland, California to talk about this community collaboration and the music they're making.

  • YACM Fuse

    YACM Fuse

    Coming from the Young Artists' Conservatory of Music, a program in Vacaville, California, comes Fuse. Hear them talk about going to ICHSA semis for the first time, their origin story, and more. Recorded in 2019.

  • Voices In Your Head (2019)

    UC Voices In Your Head

    Earlier in 2019, we spent time with the University of Chicago Voices In Your Head. After several successful recordings and trips to the ICCA Finals, they talk about their next moves and where the group goes from here.

  • UCD Lark

    UCD Lark

    Lark exploded on the scene not too long ago, making a name for themselves quickly on the competition scene. In this episode from 2019, we talk with them about those origins, and where they are going from here. Plus, we hear them sing for us live!

  • Rhythm and Jews

    UC Rhythm and Jews

    The Rhythm and Jews from the University of Chicago were able to carve out some time to chat and sing as they were getting ready for competition - hear what they had to say (and sing) this episode!

  • Loyola AcaFellas

    Loyola AcaFellas

    We were delighted to sit down with the guys of the AcaFellas from the Loyola University Chicago. They talked about the background of their group and sang some tunes for us!

  • Northwestern X-Factors

    Northwestern X-Factors

    Recorded in 2019, this episode features the Northwestern University X-Factors, a group that has been making (sound) waves in a cappella since their founding in 2001.