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  • Honey Whiskey Trio

    Honey Whiskey Trio

    In late 2015, we brought Honey Whiskey Trio into our studios to have a chat and sing some songs. While together, we talked about their musical influences, about how they balance HWT with their other gigs and lives, and what's ahead for the group. They also sounded great on some live tunes.

  • Vocal Point

    Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau HS Vocal Point

    In late 2015, we were happy to bring the members of Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau High School's Vocal Point (from Wisconsin) into the mobile studio. We talk about staying focused but still having fun, about their festival and competition experiences, and more. They also sing some tunes for us.

  • Crimson

    Cheyenne Mountain HS Crimson

    In late 2015, we caught up with the women of Cheyenne Mountain High School's Crimson and talked about their group's history, about deciding to join the group (and the audition process), and the kinds of music that they're gravitating toward these days. We also heard them sing for us.

  • Ladies First

    Michigan State U Ladies First

    When we were able to sit down in the mobile studio with Michigan State University's Ladies First in 2015, we talked with them about the group's origins and where they are today, both musically and in terms of their vibe. We also talk about the kinds of things they spend time on, from recording to performing and competing. While together, they sang some tunes for us as well!

  • 2Knight 2Knight

    Kings HS 2Knight 2Knight

    2Knight 2Knight has a lot going on, as they work to increase their visibility in their community. They have competed in several local and regional events and festivals, and been continually upping their game. We talk with the members of the group about that journey, and what's ahead. Plus, while in our mobile studio, they sang some of their current music for us. Recorded in 2015.

  • Inversions

    Cedarville U Inversions

    The Cedarville Inversions are a group that has been around only about four years, but has been steadily growing their repertoire, abilities, and sound since formation. Along the way, they've had to deal with the challenges of starting a new group - and seeding a new a cappella environment. We talk about how that has been going for them, and hear them sing some of their current music. Recorded in 2015.

  • Timepiece

    Timepiece Quartet

    Mere hours before the national Harmony Sweepstakes finals, we caught up with finalists Timepiece to talk about their backstory, why they compete, and what kind of music they enjoy singing together. They went on that evening to take second place in the national finals and win audience favorite! Recorded in 2015.

  • Diana Preisler & Marty Gasper

    Diana Priesler & Marty Gasper

    Diana and Marty are a formidable team, and they each have fascinating backgrounds. We talked with them about their journeys in music and in a cappella, and how they make their way in the world working professionally in the entertainment industry. Recorded in 2015.

  • Remedy

    U of Dayton Remedy

    At the national Harmony Sweepstakes finals in 2015, we sat down with finalists Remedy, from the University of Dayton. Many of the members were there at the founding of the group, so we talked about the challenges and triumphs of a new ensemble. Based on their Sweeps success and upcoming interest in the ICCA, we also talked about the role of competition - and heard some of their current tunes.

  • Bluesettes Quintet

    Bluesettes Quintet

    Just a few hours before they were to take the National Harmony Sweepstakes Finals stage, we brought the Bluesettes Quintet into the mobile studio to talk about their incredible (and short) history, about what brought them together, and about the kinds of music they are gravitating toward as a group. We also hear them sing some of their current music. Recorded in 2015.