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  • The Current

    The Current

    We had a great time bringing The Current into the mobile studio - we talked about their first four years together, how the group has grown and evolved in that time, and what their current sound and vibe are these days. We also got some examples of that, as they sang some tune for us! Recorded in 2015.

  • Nonsequitur

    Columbia U Nonsequitur

    While in New York, we brought Nonsequitur into the mobile studio to talk about their backstory as a group as well as where they see the group going and growing from here. We talk about the role of ICCA for the group as well as recording plans. They also sang some of their current rep for us. Recorded in 2015.

  • Word of Mouth

    Word of Mouth

    The members of Word of Mouth were great fun when they joined us in the mobile studio in Washington, DC. They've been around about three and a half years so far, and we talked about the process of getting a new post-collegiate group off the ground while balancing career and life commitments. We also heard them sing some of their current music! Recorded in 2015.

  • Catch 22

    Catch 22

    The members of the Catch 22 Vocal Band joined us in the mobile studio to talk about how they got started and how they've changed since those early days (not so long ago). They talk about finding their joint musical sound and what kinds of music they're gravitating toward, and sing us some examples. Recorded in 2015.

  • Apollo Link

    Apollo Link

    The trio of Apollo Link are comprised of working singers and dancers in the professional theater. In their downtime during rehearsals and performances, they got together (from different shows!) to spin some harmonies. Hear how they do it and how they balance it all (along with some of their tunes)! Recorded in 2015.

  • The Lost Keys

    Lost Keys

    While in New York, we were happy to invite The Lost Keys in to talk about their impressive history so far. From appearances to releasing an EP, we cover the waterfront and hear them sing for us live as well! Recorded in 2015.

  • Resound


    While in the mobile studio, Resound talked about their group's trajectory and how they go about arranging for their three voices. They discuss the key role that the church community has played in their success, and sing some of their current music for us. Recorded in 2015.

  • Uncommon


    Uncommon already sounds great - and they're still working on growing the group. We talk about that process, about finding your sound, and about building an a cappella community in the Richmond, Virginia area. They also sing some of their current repertoire. Recorded in 2015.

  • Epic Quartet

    Epic Quartet

    Epic has reached the pinnacle of barbershop - they were crowned Harmony Inc champions (Harmony Queens) in 2012. So we were really happy to bring them into the mobile studio to talk about that journey, about recording, and about what comes next for the women of the group. We also heard them sing some fun music for us! Recorded in 2015.

  • Straighter Road

    Straighter Road

    While at the 2015 National Harmony Sweepstakes Finals, we sat down with competitors Straighter Road - little did we know they were going to win the whole thing just a few hours later! We talked with the group about growing up with crunchy chords and music, the life journeys that brought people to Straighter Road, and their arranging process. We also heard the tunes that won them national acclaim!