Recent Posts

  • Volta

    Stanford U Volta

    While on the Stanford campus, we were pleased to welcome the Stanford Volta into our mobile studio. With their recent formation and their emphasis on vocal jazz, we had lots to talk about. In addition to all that, they sang some of their current music for us as well! Recorded in 2015.

  • Smorgaschord


    While in the San Francisco area, we brought Smorgaschord into the mobile studio to chat about the group's origins to today, and how they determine how much time to put into the group - and where to spend it. We also hear them sing some of their current music! Recorded in 2015.

  • DaCadence

    U of Maryland DaCadence

    While in the Northeastern United States, we were fortunate enough to bring the University of Maryland DaCadence into the mobile studio to chat a bit, tell some stories, and share the vibe of the group. They also shared some live music! Recorded in 2015.

  • On The Rocks

    U of Oregon On The Rocks

    While in Eugene, Oregon, we sat down with the members of U of O's On The Rocks. We talk about the pros and cons of Sing-Off recognition, about their vibe and sound these days, and about engaging alumni. While together, they sang some of their current music for us, too. Recorded in 2015.

  • Musaic


    Musaic, an all-male post-collegiate group, retains an independent director (who happens to be female) to manage and coach them - so we dive into that a bit and how it works, and talk about their choral-influenced sound. The group sings some live tunes for us as well. Recorded in 2015.

  • Generics

    U of Maryland Generics

    We were happy to invite the Generics into the mobile studio to discuss the evolving a cappella scene at UMD, and why they chose to join this group in particular. We also discuss their current sound and repertoire, and where the group is planning to go from here. While together, they sang some of their music as well. Recorded in 2015.

  • Midnight Jazz

    Milpitas HS Midnight Jazz

    While in the Bay Area, we were pleased to be joined by Midnight Jazz from Milpitas High School. Members of this brand-new group are drawn from other ensembles in the school, so we talk about the comparisons and contrasts between that rep vs. contemporary a cappella (and jazz). We also hear how they're sounding after being together only three months! Recorded in 2015.

  • Raagapella

    Stanford U Raagapella

    It was the very first sit-down we ever did for #TheSpotlight (although it didn't air first): we went to Palo Alto and invited Raagapella into the mobile studio. They sang some tunes for us, and talked about what led them to the group and this repertoire. Recorded in early 2015.

  • Everyday People

    Stanford U Everyday People

    While in the Bay Area, we invited Everyday People into the mobile studio to talk about how constraints can drive creativity, and how they choose their music within the genre constraints of the group. We talk backstory as well, and look ahead to the group moving forward. While with us, they sang some tunes, too. Recorded in early 2015.

  • The Persuasions


    Yes, it's THOSE Persuasions who are joining us in the mobile studio. The group that was founded in 1962 and discovered by Frank Zappa. More than 20 albums. Cited as influences by many, many big-name groups that have come since. It was a treat and an honor to sit down with them, and a sublime experience to have them sing for us. Recorded in early 2015.