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  • The District

    The District

    While in Washington, DC, in 2015, we invited The District into the mobile studio to talk about their first few years of existence - and to look ahead to the next several as well. These women sound great and have been doing big things, with competition, recording, and lots of performing all on the docket. We talk about each, and how they all balance things, given their pressured day jobs. We also hear the group sing!

  • Octopodes

    Johns Hopkins U Octopodes

    The Johns Hopkins Octopodes (ock-TAH-puh-deez) joined us in the mobile studio to talk about their ambitious (and amazing!) album of all-originals, about their processes for music and everything else, and about what the next few years have in store for the group, along with celebrating their 25th anniversary. They also sing some of their original music for us! Recorded in 2015.

  • WA Cappella

    Western Alamance HS WA Cappella

    While in New York and about to take the ICHSA national finals stage, the members of Elon, North Carolina's WA Cappella joined us in the mobile studio to discuss their school, their group, and their competition journey. While together, they sang some of their award-winning music for us as well. Recorded in 2015.

  • Power Chord

    Oregon State U Power Chord

    We invited the members of Oregon State's Power Chord to talk about the a cappella scene on campus these days and where the group fits in, as well as how they're spending their time these days with performances and competition. We discuss the pros and cons of the ICCA process, and hear some of their current music. Recorded in 2015.

  • Mama's Boys

    U of Maryland Baltimore County Mama’s Boys

    We invited the UMBC Mama's Boys into the mobile studio to talk about what it's like to be in an all-guys group, how they're developing their sound, and what their current repertoire "sweet spot" is these days. We also hear some of that rep as they sing live for us. Recorded in 2015.

  • Divisi

    U of Oregon Divisi

    It was a pleasure to welcome the women of Divisi into the mobile studio to talk about maintaining their rich legacy on the national a cappella scene while continually developing and growing, their recording and music video experiences, and about how they characterize their sound these days. The group also sings for us live. Recorded in 2015.

  • Treblemakers

    U of Maryland Treblemakers

    While in the mobile studio, the women of the University of Maryland Treblemakers talked about all the things they've got going on these days, from performances to videos and everything in between. They also sing some of their current tunes for us! Recorded in 2015.

  • Volta

    Stanford U Volta

    While on the Stanford campus, we were pleased to welcome the Stanford Volta into our mobile studio. With their recent formation and their emphasis on vocal jazz, we had lots to talk about. In addition to all that, they sang some of their current music for us as well! Recorded in 2015.

  • Smorgaschord


    While in the San Francisco area, we brought Smorgaschord into the mobile studio to chat about the group's origins to today, and how they determine how much time to put into the group - and where to spend it. We also hear them sing some of their current music! Recorded in 2015.

  • DaCadence

    U of Maryland DaCadence

    While in the Northeastern United States, we were fortunate enough to bring the University of Maryland DaCadence into the mobile studio to chat a bit, tell some stories, and share the vibe of the group. They also shared some live music! Recorded in 2015.