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  • Prime Time

    Prime Time

    In early 2015, we invited Prime Time into the mobile studio to talk about life in post-collegiate a cappella, and how it differs from experiences before and during college. We discuss how the group chooses its music, and what characteristics make for a good Prime Time song. Plus, we hear some of them, as they sing for us.

  • John Neal

    John Neal

    It was fascinating to talk with John Neal, who helped make the Harmony Sweepstakes what it is today. We discussed how a cappella has changed over the last 20 years or more, about the connections between the Sing-Off and the Harmony Sweeps, and about the competition itself.

  • Talk of Da Town

    Talk of Da Town

    Talk of da Town got started as Reality-In-Motion in the early 1970s, and has been on the scene either under that name or TODT ever since. They've performed with just about everybody, so we get some great stories and anecdotes from the guys on this episode - and delight in hearing them sing for us. Recorded in early 2015.

  • Ro Sham Bo

    Ro Sham Bo

    While in the San Francisco area, we were pleased to invite Ro Sham Bo into the mobile studio to talk about their 20+ years of being together (admittedly, with some personnel changes), how they've evolved over the years, and how they're sounding today. They also sing some tunes for us as well. Recorded in early 2015.

  • Testimony

    Stanford U Testimony

    While in the Palo Alto area, we were pleased to be joined by Testimony, a Christian a cappella group on campus there. We talk about everything from the group's backstory to their experiences with recording to repertoire choices and more. Along the way, they sang some tunes for us as well. Recorded in early 2015.

  • Solstice


    We were pleased to be joined by the women of Solstice to talk about their continually-evolving sound over the last two decades, about finding time to balance the rest of life along with a cappella, and about choosing music for the group. We also enjoyed some live tunes! Recorded in early 2015.

  • Deke Sharon

    Deke Sharon

    In our first trip for #TheSpotlight, we were able to snag Deke Sharon for an hour-long sit-down. Although it wasn't our first recording (nearly so!), we aired it as our first episode - despite some audio technology challenges (we were new!). This episode, we focus on Deke's backstory, from grade school through Tufts, founding CASA through The House Jacks. We had a great time and covered a lot! Recorded in early 2015.