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  • DePaul Fullertones

    Recorded in 2019, we talk live with the DePaul Fullertones about their founding, their growth, and their repertoire - and hear them sing some tunes!

  • Univ/Chicago Aag

    In 2019, we talked with the South Asian/fusion group from the University of Chicago. Catch the discussion and their tunes in this episode!

  • RIT Encore

    In early 2019, we spent some time with the women of Encore from RIT. Hear them share some stories and sing some tunes in our live mobile studio!

  • Men In Drag

    UC Men In Drag

    We hear from the Men In Drag about challenging gender conventions, the role of recording, and more. Recorded in 2019.

  • Listen Up

    Listen Up

    Listen Up, the Chicago-based pro group, talks about their music, their founding, and the relationship between music and Judaism. Recorded in 2019.

  • Duke Pitchforks

    Duke Pitchforks

    The Duke Pitchforks talk about their history on the Duke campus and their future, and sing some songs.

  • Univ/Florida Tone Def

    Univ/Florida Tone Def

    Tone Def talks about the role of service in their art, preparing for a first album, and more.

  • CMU Treblemakers

    CMU Treblemakers

    The CMU Treblemakers talk about their recruitment and audition processes, choosing their rep, and much more.

  • UW-Parkside Parkside Range

    UW-Parkside Parkside Range

    Parkside Range talks about starting an a cappella community on campus, growing as a new group - and they sing some tunes!

  • Deke Sharon

    The Year In Deke, 2018

    Deke talks about the start and ramp-up of DCappella, publishing so prolifically, and resurrecting dormant arrangements.