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  • Baudboys


    In 2019, just before the Baudboys took the stage at the National Harmony Sweepstakes Finals (and placed in the top three!), they came into our mobile studio to talk about everything from their early days to a performance that could have gotten them fired from their day jobs. We discuss their new approach to recording, their experiences at the Sweeps over the years, and much more. Plus, they sounded great on some live tunes!

  • Furmata

    U of Washington Furmata

    Furmata joined us in the mobile studio while at the 2019 Annual Northwest A Cappella Festival, and in addition to singing some tunes for us live, they shared their background and how they've been focusing on significant musical improvement in recent years. They discussed the value of an "off year," and what they're looking forward to in the year to come.

  • Forecast


    Forecast has been together for several years, through some personnel changes, and has emerged as a harmonic force, competing well in both the Barbershop Harmony Society circles and at the Harmony Sweepstakes. Hear about their experiences, and their songs that got them 2nd place in the country!



    The Pace University FREQUENCY has only been together as a group for two years, and in that time has advanced to the ICCA semifinals twice, all while figuring out their routines, processes, rituals, and vibe. We talk about it all on this episode - and catch some of their tunes live!



    Vocal quartet RESOLVE hasn't been together all that long, but in that time, they've already started building an impressive reputation with their music. On the afternoon of the National Harmony Sweepstakes Finals (which they won!), we talked with them about their journey and how they're developing their sound. Plus, in our mobile studio, they share their buttery, smooth sound on some music!

  • NYU Mixtapes

    New York U Mixtapes (2019)

    In late April 2019, we spent time with the Mixtapes of NYU again - it had been a few years, and it was great to catch up again. This time, they talked about how their sound is evolving, and how they're making plans for a new year with very little turnover. Plus, they sing some songs in our mobile studio!

  • Drive


    While at the Harmony Sweepstakes finals, we spent time with the gentlemen of Drive, a barbershop quartet that covers all kinds of music. We talk about replacing a member of an existing quartet, the differences between competing in a barbershop contest vs. the Sweeps, and how they're changing they way they record their music. Plus, some tunes!

  • Headband

    Willamette U Headband

    While at the Annual Northwest A Cappella Festival, we spent an hour with Willamette University's Headband. In our interview, they talked about charting a new course for the group and re-entering the competitive a cappella world. They also sang some tunes in our mobile studio - and revealed which collegiate group is their role model!

  • Final Melody

    Final Melody

    Final Melody, a post-collegiate group from the Chicago area, spent time with Rachael late in 2018, talking about their experiences with America's Got Talent, the Harmony Sweepstakes, and growing a group after college. They also share some tunes. (Note that there were some audio issues with the recording of this session; we cleaned them up a bit, but you'll still notice. We apologize!)

  • Blue Light Special

    Linn-Benton Comm Coll Blue Light Special

    Blue Light Special is one of fairly few community/junior college a cappella groups in the US. In this session of #TheSpotlight, we talk with them about developing their reputation across the region, setting up new structures and policies, and growing a group on a community college campus. Plus, they sing some tunes!